project: diómeda / corporate


the project is located in the pent-house of Diomeda building, in the comercial area of Puerto Cancun. Through an organic design of  curved lines, the travel takes us to the different spaces, always oriented to the surrounding views of the development, of the hotel zone and the Caribbean Sea.


the project’s concept seeks to reflect the modern and innovative vision of the atelier, by integrating avant-garde materials and technlogy. Special attention was put on the handling of light as a mean to enhance the combination of wood, alluminum, glass, steel and mosaic panels.


Project: arq sergio orduña
Location: zona comercial desarrollo puertocancun, cancún quintana roo
Construction: 2012 - 2013
Ilumination Project: d.i. antonio caballero
Automatization: smart tech
Type: comercial / oficinas corporativas
Photograph: maribel garzón